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Track Me on The ride!

The derby starts March 3, 2022, and winners could start crossing the finish line as soon as 9th! 

March 13, the derby ends for all of us one way or another.

During the race I will be wearing a GPS tracker and you will be able to follow me on the adventure!  Furthermore, the derby organizers will be posting rider updates, photos and little clips all through the race.  Yours truly will be on an international stage and thinking of how each of you helped me chase this crazy dream.

To track me you will have to go to The Equestrianists website, Facebook page or Instagram and follow their instructions.  They aren't opening the maps and links until I will already be out of cell phone range in Argentina.  Click on whatever button below is easiest for you!  I believe the tracking map itself will only be available on the website.  Updates will be on the socials.

Ways To Track me


If I haven't said it a million times, I haven't said it enough: THANK YOU all for every bit of your support and encouragement in this crazy endeavor of mine.  There is no way I would have been able to chase this dream without your support.


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