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2021 Fall Raffle

I am incredibly excited to announce that we are going to do a raffle fundraiser! You are going to have a 1 in 50 chance of winning an amazing prize (1 in 200 of winning the 1st prize) all the while you will be helping not only me, but Shotzy Sanctuary an exceptional animal sanctuary and women's shelter.  Scroll down to see the amazing prizes, details about the drawing and how to get your tickets!!!

Tickets are $10 each and ONLY 200 will be sold!

(Drawing will be held as soon as all tickets are sold)


Click Here to go directly to my donations page and choose how you want to donate

(please use friends and family or add $1 per ticket so the most money possible will go to charity)

Click Here to go straight to the facebook page where you can message me about tickets!

Click Here to email me. 

1st Prize: Ryan Lisle Chinks

1st prize is an absolutely stunning pair of Chinks donated and hand crafted by Ryan Lisle, owner of The Hobbled Pony right here in Joseph, Oregon! These are a beautiful chocolate colored leather with saddle tan, hand tooled top and thigh pieces, copper rivets, and shiny brass hardware/studs. Hip measures 36-49" as shown. Top thigh measurements range from 21- 28.5" There is room on the belt to make more holes if you need a smaller hip measurement. If I adjusted the laces on the belt to the smallest and have the thighs on the smallest setting these fit me at 5'4"/130 lb. As shown they fit a 5'10"/200lb man. And they have room to adjust up from there! Retails for $525 

matt-artz-Fu2v5drnMBA-unsplash copy.jpg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

2nd Prize: Leatherback Sensations Pillow

2nd prize is a sumptuous leather pillow designed and built by Leather Back Sensations , an adamant supporter of Shotzy Sanctuary. It's a beautiful 16x9" black and buckskin leather with a silver horse button accent. One of a kind, retails for $100

3rd Prize: Handknit Hat

3rd prize is a handknit hat from yours truly. The purple hat shown will be held until the winner is drawn. You are welcome to claim this one size fits most, soft merino wool hat or I will custom make you a hat designed to your colors and specifications! Retails for $45-100 depending on yarn and pattern complexity

matt-artz-Fu2v5drnMBA-unsplash copy.jpg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Bonus 4th Prize: 
Medicine Bag of your Choice

BONUS 4th prize will be your choice of one of the beautiful medicine bags shown on the pillow picture. Retails for $25

Who benefits from this Raffle?


Well I do...  But more importantly so does Shotzy Sanctuary is an amazing non-profit here in NE Oregon that helps women remove themselves from domestic violence. Not only will Shotzy's take in the women and their children, but their pets, horses, and livestock too! It means that victims of DV don't have to stay in their situation because of their love for their animals. I'm truly HONORED to be partnering with such a great organization! I cannot begin to express how important places like this are for people and animals in need!!!


Many of you have been following me on my training journey for the Gaucho Derby since last fall. If not, to save some length on this paste, I welcome you to check out the rest of this website.

So how can you enter?

Buy an online raffle ticket by private messaging me on facebook or emailing me! I can take Venmo, PayPal, GooglePay, and Facebook payments.... if you don't get me quickly, you can get specifics on how to pay me through on my website by clicking here...But I ask that you also message or email me to make sure that the money gets your name on the raffle list. I ask that you pay through friends and family or add $1 per ticket to cover processing fees. If you're local (Wallowa County Oregon) and prefer old school, I can take cash or check as well.

I will be selling 200 tickets at $10 each. $1000 will go to Shotzy Sanctuary and $1000 will go towards my Gaucho Derby Fund. Any shipping costs to the lower 48 will come from my portion of the proceeds. If we need to ship to Hawaii, Alaska or international we ask that you please help with shipping expenses if you win. The drawing will take place once all the spots are sold. I do work 3 jobs, so please be understanding if I can't respond immediately. I promise I will respond sometime in the evening PST each day.

Please see the comments on the Brenda's Adventures facebook post for available spots. The drawing will be held as soon as all 200 tickets are sold!

I'm so excited to offer these amazing gifts that were SO GENEROUSLY donated. I'm beyond humbled. Good luck everyone!

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